Business Services

Business services are a range of activities that provide support to organizations. Some of these include information technology, shipping, marketing, warehousing, procurement, and finance.

The key difference between goods and services is that the former can be physically stored, whereas the latter cannot. Service businesses often charge a flat rate or hourly fee to deliver a particular service.

A good business plan should describe what the service will be, who it will be sold to, and how much the service will cost. You also need to identify your target market very specifically so you can reach the people who are most likely to purchase your service.

Product-oriented businesses tend to develop and market a physical product, which provides an easy base for building a business description and communicating the business’s value proposition. In contrast, a service-oriented business is more difficult to describe because its services are not as tangible and may be more abstract than products.

Another barrier to entry for a service-oriented business is the need to develop a reputation in the market place. This is especially true for more abstract and complex services.

Generally, the pricing of a service is based on value rather than on cost. Customers will pay what they believe the service is worth, or they may choose to look for comparable alternatives. Some service businesses also offer discounts or bundled packages to help reduce the customer’s overall costs. This can be a way to differentiate yourself from competitors and increase your sales.

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