Business Services

Business services

Business services are activities that support a company’s operations, but do not result in the sale of a tangible product. They can include information technology services, support services, consulting services and more. These services help businesses function more efficiently by freeing up their employees to focus on other tasks.

Like other types of companies, service businesses must design their offerings to be appealing to a group of potential customers. This requires a fundamental shift from the traditional product-centric perspective to one that is customer-centric. The design challenge is to identify and serve the needs of a target market in a manner that is uniquely different from the competition. Service design is not easy, but it can be very rewarding for both the business and its customers.

In the three-sector economic model, business-to-business services are tertiary and comprise a substantial portion of GDP in many countries. These services are primarily intangible and include consultation, advice and labor. A growing number of businesses offer these services and they continue to grow at a fast pace.

The intangibility of services makes them difficult to store, and they are consumed as soon as they are provided. This is why the management of business-to-business services is so challenging. The service provider must provide a high level of quality and ensure satisfaction with every interaction.

Businesses use a variety of different service providers, depending on their industry and the size of their operation. Some have long tenure, while others are project-based. In general, these service providers have a wide range of expertise that can be used by a diverse client base. For example, a company might hire animal control services to handle pest infestations or tech support professionals for network issues and other IT challenges.

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