Business Services

Business services

Business services are activities that support a company’s operations without producing tangible goods. They help businesses accomplish their goals and make manufacturers’ customer relationships better.

They also include maintenance and repair services for equipment such as computers, network devices and appliances. These workers troubleshoot tech problems quickly and can keep employees productive by ensuring that their equipment is working correctly.

These services help companies maintain and expand their facilities. Construction crews complete renovation projects in a timely manner and are often able to reuse materials, saving money on supplies.

The construction industry is growing in popularity, as companies increasingly seek ways to improve their workspaces and increase employee satisfaction. Many firms use construction services to build or renovate offices, as well as retail and manufacturing spaces.

Some firms rent their workspace instead of owning it, and real estate agents provide assistance in finding and negotiating rental agreements. Some businesses also use landscape services to design and manage the property surrounding their building.

In-office day care providers provide child care to employees who work in the office. These services help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance and can save companies time and money by reducing their need to pay for childcare costs.

Business services play a key role in the European economy, contributing to 11% of GDP. EU policy efforts to stimulate growth in this sector include removing legal barriers and stimulating the development of new types of business services. The EU has set up a High Level Group on Business Services (web archive)EN*** to explore the untapped potential of the industry and provide an impetus for future policy development.

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