Healthy Relationships


Relationships are a big part of our lives and can take many different forms – whether they’re romantic, friendly, professional or family. Regardless of the type, healthy relationships are characterized by trust, honesty, and mutual respect. They can help us to better manage stress and provide a more meaningful life.

A good partner will be able to support you through the ups and downs of life, cheering you on when you’re feeling down and encouraging you to pursue your dreams. They’ll also be able to remind you when you are not being your best self and encourage you to take steps towards wellness.

Being in a relationship allows you to be your true self and learn to celebrate the uniqueness of your partner. They will accept the flaws, praise the good and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

They’ll be able to make time for you and will remember important details about your life. They will be a consistent source of support and will listen without judgement. In a romantic relationship, they will understand your love languages (acts of service, quality time and gifts) and use them appropriately.

They will be able to have their own hobbies and friendships while still making time for you, maintaining a balance of independence and dependence. They will not feel jealous of their friends or family – they’ll respect that you have your own life and they’ll be happy to spend time with those people too.

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