How Technology Influences Our Everyday Lives


Technology is a broad field of study that investigates how knowledge is creatively applied to organised tasks involving people and machines that meet sustainable goals. This includes both the creation of new technologies and the way that these technologies are used in society. This article focuses on the latter aspect of technology, and how it influences our everyday lives.

While individual inventiveness is essential to technological innovation, social and economic forces typically strongly influence which technologies will be undertaken, paid attention to, invested in, and used. These factors include consumer acceptance, patent laws, the availability of venture capital, government budget processes, local and national regulations, media attention, and economic competition and tax incentives. These forces bear differently on different technological systems, encouraging some and discouraging others.

The development of a new technology usually takes place in a step-by-step process that involves testing and validation. This ensures that the underlying ideas are sound and the final product is useful. Despite these assurances, apparently promising early technologies often stall midway through their development, a phenomenon known as the ‘death valley’ that requires sustained effort to overcome.

Technology allows organizations to automate processes, which leads to increased productivity and efficiency. It also allows businesses to analyze large volumes of data and make informed decisions based on the insights. This leads to better sales and helps minimize operational expenses.

Technology is an important resource for almost all industries. It allows companies to step ahead of their competitors and improve customer and employee processes. It is also an effective tool for promoting and marketing products to increase brand awareness.

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