Relationships – How They Affect Us


Being in a relationship can be about many different things. Usually when people say they are in a relationship, they mean that they have a close emotional connection with someone and are committed to them in some way. Relationships can be between couples, friends or family members. They can be platonic, romantic or sexy. The types of relationships we are in can affect how we feel and interact with others.

A healthy relationship is balanced and requires a good amount of giving and taking. A healthy relationship should also allow each person to maintain relationships outside of the relationship. They should not try to control their partner or limit them from socializing with friends and family. A healthy relationship should encourage mutual respect and help the couple understand and support each other.

Some of us have a hard time admitting it, but we sometimes get into relationships that are not very healthy. Often times, we stay in these relationships because we think that they will eventually get better. Other times, we keep up with these relationships because we are afraid of the stigma of saying that it is over.

A relationship is not a good one if it makes you feel like you are not good enough or that you have to hide who you are for them. A good relationship should make you feel safe, valued and loved. It should also give you a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. If you are not feeling these things in your current relationship, it might be time to look for something better.

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