The Benefits of a Team Sport for Kids

Whether your kids are looking to increase their fitness or social life, team sport is an excellent way for them to have fun while learning important life skills. In a close-knit team, children learn cooperation, communication, trust and respect for one another. Kids can also develop good self-esteem and build confidence by participating in a team sport. Moreover, they can learn sportsmanship – the ability to be fair and respectful towards their opponents.

Sport teams differ from other conventional groups in several respects, including their constant roster size as specified by the rules of a given sport and/or league (e.g., 12 members on a volleyball team). In addition, they often have specific procedures for gathering, dismissal, passing and attack.

In some sports, such as synchronized swimming and doubles tennis, team members perform coordinated routines. In others, such as relay races, team members run a segment of the race independently but their success is dependent on smooth transitions between teammates.

In both types of these team sports, the players work together to score points and compete against other teams. The specialized nature of these sports demands quick decision-making and consistent attention from the players. Moreover, these sports require coordination and extreme hand-eye coordination. Hence, they are not as popular as individual sports such as golf or running. Despite the fact that they do not involve a ball, these team sports require intense mental and physical efforts and a strong sense of community and belonging.

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