The Benefits of Relationships

Relationships are a special thing. They give us the chance to be with someone who makes our heart sing, who reminds us every day that they love each and every part of who we are. They are there to teach us new things, adventure with us, and share awkward family gatherings with (or just make sure we get home safely). They are our confidante, best friend, and lover all wrapped up in one, which is why they also make us happy. And that happiness, scientists have found, can add years to our lives.

In healthy relationships, affection is freely given and received. Physical contact and sex are shared, although there may be times when either person isn’t in the mood. Communication is strong and respectful, including when disagreeing. A good relationship is based on mutual trust, and both people are able to communicate their feelings without fear of judgement.

Often, the most significant benefits of being in a relationship come from the commitment to work on it. Couples learn how to compromise, negotiate and solve problems together. They learn to share their interests, dreams and fears. They build skills for resolving conflict, and they develop a deeper understanding of each other. A relationship is a place to become a more mature, thoughtful version of yourself.

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