The Financial Services Industry

Financial services

Financial services is a broad sector of the economy that includes credit unions, banks, credit cards, insurance companies, accountancy firms and stock brokerages. These services help to create a strong and stable economy.

Regulatory agencies oversee financial institutions’ operations, uphold transparency and ensure that consumers are treated fairly. Intel helps companies in this industry deliver digital capabilities that increase efficiency, reduce risk and enhance the customer experience.

The financial services industry is vital to a country’s economic success. When it is strong, people earn more money and have more purchasing power. But when it is weak, it can drag a nation’s economy down.

Job opportunities in the financial services industry are diverse and often require excellent interpersonal skills. From sales to customer service, there are many ways to enter the sector.

What’s more, financial services is not just for individuals, but also for small businesses and even nonprofits.

There are thousands of different career paths within the financial services industry, from investment banking to accounting and insurance. You can find the perfect role based on your specific interests and skills.

Pay in the financial services industry isn’t huge, but it’s very competitive. You can expect to start out in a lower-level position and work your way up over time.

During times of uncertainty, like the recent coronavirus pandemic, financial services organizations have shown remarkable resilience and adaptability. They helped their customers, organizations and the public cope with the stress and uncertainty of an uncontrollable situation.

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