The Law of Automobiles


Automobiles are highly complex machines with countless parts and intricate interrelationships. They are the most popular form of transportation in the United States and are used for both pleasure and commerce. As a result, automobiles are often the most valuable type of Personal Property. However, they are also the most heavily taxed and are often targets for thieves. They also cause a tremendous amount of personal injury. The law surrounding automobiles focuses on four general phases of the vehicle’s life cycle.

Motorcycles can often be more practical than cars, since they have fewer parts. In addition, motorcycles can be easily maintained by a layman. Motorcycles also require less space than cars. In some cities, three motorcycles can fit in the same space as a single car. They are also more easily towed. A motorcycle can be towed in the same space as one car, while a car needs to be winched onto a trailer and cartered away.

Motorcycles and scooters are considered automobiles, but some courts have declared them not to be automobiles. While motorcycles and scooters are auto-propelled, they only carry a small number of passengers. Some of these vehicles may have sidecars for additional passengers.

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