The Values of News


The purpose of news is to educate and inform the public. While some people enjoy reading news for entertainment purposes, other people prefer to watch or listen to news that affects their lives. News should be interesting, new, and significant. If a story is boring, it should not be published as news. In fact, news should be entertaining, and include humor for the reader’s benefit.

News is interesting when it is presented in a short, straightforward, picturesque manner. It should be able to make a reader say, “Gee Whiz!” In today’s world, this capacity to be surprised has been diminished by the proliferation of news sources. News is still interesting when it is accurate, readable, and gives the reader a feeling of wonder.

News values are professional norms that journalists follow in reporting events. Typically, news stories are organized into the “Five Ws” of an event – the three facts, the “four Os,” and the “One H”. For example, hard news stories are typically placed at the beginning of the newspaper, so that busy readers will be able to read them easily and quickly. Local news stations must similarly break down a news story into its key aspects.

However, the values of news are contested due to practical considerations and subjective factors. For example, some journalists’ views on newsworthiness are influenced by their own political views, their job environment, and even their position in the workplace hierarchy.

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