Types of Technology and How They Work


Technology is an activity that creates means towards ends. It can enhance culture in creative ways, but it also facilitates political oppression and war via tools like guns. As a cultural activity, it predates both science and engineering, which formalize some aspects of technological endeavor.

Many people rely on technology to complete work tasks and live their lives more comfortably. In fact, the use of technology is so pervasive that it’s almost hard to imagine a world without it. It is helpful to understand different types of technology and how they work so that you can make wise decisions about which ones are right for you.

Increases Production

The most obvious benefit of using technology in business is that it increases productivity. By automating processes, businesses can reduce the amount of time and energy required to produce goods or services. This results in more efficient output, which translates to higher profits for the company.

Medical Technology

Increasingly, healthcare professionals use technology to monitor patients’ vital signs and symptoms. This includes devices like smartwatches that can track biometric data or those implanted directly into a patient that provide even more advanced monitoring capabilities.

Operational Technology

Often, a company’s industrial equipment requires monitoring and control. Operational technology, or OT, uses software and hardware to manage these systems and carry out security measures. This includes things like fire control systems, access control mechanisms, and building management systems. Additionally, OT is used to detect changes in the status of machinery, devices, and events within an industrial network.

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