What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a mode of expression in clothing, hairstyles, and accessories. It reflects the changing tastes, preferences and social norms of a culture. It also gives us an opportunity to experiment with different styles. Whether we like it or not, fashion influences our choices, decisions and even lifestyle.

A popular belief is that there is a great difference between high fashion and ordinary clothes. However, this is not necessarily true. Designers often sell their high-end fashions to a limited clientele, but they also design mass-produced items that can be sold for much less and still look the same. In this way, designers can create a new style and then use manufacturers to distribute it to a wide audience.

Many people follow the fashion trends set by celebrities and other public figures. These trends may be based on a particular event or a particular season. For example, a certain song may inspire a new outfit, or a wedding dress might dictate what brides should wear. In addition, fashions can be based on identification and tradition. Judges wear robes, for example, and soldiers wear uniforms.

Because they are based on temporary trends, fashions can quickly become outdated and look dated. By contrast, a style can stay in style for longer because it is based on more universal conceptions of beauty. For instance, the long, flowing dresses of the 1920s are not very flattering on women today. Similarly, the boyish haircuts that were in fashion for decades are now out of fashion.

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