What Is Technology?


Technology is the tools and machines that humans use to solve problems. It can be as simple as a crowbar or as complex as a particle accelerator. Technology can also be intangible, such as computer software.

There are both positive and negative aspects to technology. For example, it allows us to communicate with people around the world and makes work more efficient. However, it can also lead to social inequality, a lack of physical activity and addiction. Technology can also cause environmental damage.

Many technologies require a high level of skill and training to build, operate or maintain. Whole industries have developed to support these complex technologies.

Businesses use technology to create new products and services for their customers. They can also use it to manage their business operations more effectively. For example, they can track customer data to understand what their needs are and then create products that match those needs. They can also use technology to deliver their products and services to consumers more quickly and efficiently.

There are several types of technology, including information and communications technology, audio and visual technology and infrastructure technology. Information and communications technology includes items such as computers, smartphones and televisions. It can also refer to the systems that facilitate these technologies, such as networking and security. Audio and visual technology refers to items such as cameras and projectors. It can also refer to the software that enables these devices to function, such as word processing programs.

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