What Makes Good News?

News is current and interesting events, obtained every moment and everywhere, brought to the notice of the public in an accurate, fast, objective and impartial manner. It covers all aspects of human life including war, politics, government, education, science, technology, business, culture and sport as well as everyday people and their activities.

What makes good news?

News should always be about something significant, unusual or of interest to readers. It should also be relevant to the audience – a story about a celebrity’s private life, for example, will only attract readers who are interested in celebrities and will be interested in a topic that is not of concern to the wider community.

A good news article will also contain information that is not already widely known, as this will add interest and excitement for the reader. It should also be written clearly with an inverted pyramid structure (putting the most important information at the top) and should not include the author’s opinion.

It’s important to know your audience when writing news articles, as this will dictate the tone and style of the piece. It is also important to research the topic thoroughly before beginning to write so that you have all the facts at your fingertips. Then you can begin to craft an article that will catch the eye of your audience and keep them engaged right up until the end of the story. When you are unsure about the credibility of a source, check with other experts in the field.

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