Writers’ Guide to Fashion


Fashion is a way of expressing oneself through adornment. It is usually related to clothing, but may also refer to shoes, jewelry and accessories. Fashions can vary greatly within a culture and may depend on such factors as age, social class, occupation and geographic location. In modern Western societies, people have a wide choice in what they wear. The clothes that they choose can reflect their personality, interests and beliefs. When popular individuals start wearing new or different styles of clothing, this often creates a fashion trend that others copy. These trends can affect not just clothing, but also hairstyles and makeup. In this sense, the terms “fashionista” and “fashion victim” are used to describe those who slavishly follow current fashions. Fashion can also be seen in the design and decoration of buildings, cars and furniture.

The speed at which fashion changes has increased dramatically in recent times, due to advances in technology and the globalization of commerce. It is now possible for designers to make and market clothes all over the world in a very short time. It is also possible for consumers to become aware of new trends through mass media.

As a writer, it can be useful to pay attention to fashion when describing the world in which your story takes place. For example, paying attention to the types of clothing that characters wear can help you develop their personalities and provide clues about their backgrounds. You can also use the latest fashions as a way to set the tone for your story and add tension or suspense.

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